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  • Daisy Chadwick

Canvas/Art Storage Hack

I struggled for a while trying to find the best storage solutions for my studio to keep my canvases and artwork protected - and I think I've finally found it! My current setup is a combination of three IKEA Hejne shelving units: two 78x31x171cm units and a single 78x50x171cm unit fixed together. I chose to build two of my racks to the ceiling which did require buying one extra set of Hejne posts but this is completely optional (my right shelf depicts the height of a normal unit).

What you'll need:

Galvanised Wire

A sheet or something to cushion canvases against the wood

Once you have your supplies, proceed to assemble the shelving units as usual. The great thing about using these units is that you can personalise them to your specific needs, placing the shelves at whichever height suits you! As you can see from my images, I've rotated the units 180 degrees to fix them together to account for the depth of my canvases and panels - doing this also gives clearer guidelines for each slot as you can align your artwork with each rung of a shelf. Once I had my units assembled I chose to use galvanised wire to section off each slot to separate my canvases (pictured below), I did this by drilling small holes into the shelves you want to divide and threading the wire up and through the holes and back down on the other sides - there are alternative ways of separating the canvases (or you could choose not to at all) but this is the option I went with.


If, like me, you wanted to build your units to the ceiling, you should buy one extra set of Hejne posts (or an alternative wood for the extension) and cut it down to the added length you want. I personally used wood glue and a metal nail plate bracket secured to both pieces of wood to connect them, I also placed a shelf at the top of these units to bring the unit together for extra reinforcement.

As previously mentioned, I like to lay a fabric sheet on the shelves just to cushion my canvases when I slide them into the racks but this isn't required.

My finishing touch on this storage solution was to add a plywood sheet on the outer wall of one of the units to act as a memo board and also give more stability to the units.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful - if you found it useful, give it a like!


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